Which of the following code used in present day computing was developed by IBM Corporation?


B. Hollerith Code

C. Baudot Code


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  1. Who invented punched cards?
  2. A term associated with the comparison of processing speeds of different computer system is:
  3. The control unit of a microprocessor
  4. From which generation computers the printers were used?
  5. Access time is
  6. The contents of information are stored in
  7. Which of the following statements is true?
  8. 1 Byte =?
  9. The computer code for the interchange of information between terminals is
  10. Which of the following is not a form of data?
  11. For which of the following computers can't be used?
  12. The computer that can input analog signals and return result in digital form
  13. An application suitable for sequential processing is
  14. The act of retrieving existing data from memory is called
  15. Which of the following is related to fifth generation computers?
  16. ASCII and EBCDIC are the popular character coding systems.What does EBCDIC stand for?
  17. On a PC, how much memory is available to application software?
  18. In most IBM PCs, the CPU, the device drives, memory expansion slots and active components are mounted…
  19. Regarding data, computers are very good at
  20. Which is the highest form?
  21. Computer is free from tiresome and boardroom. We call it
  22. A computer Program that translates one program instruction at a time into machine language is called…
  23. Which of the following processors use RISC technology?
  24. In a computer _____ is capable to store single binary bit.
  25. Personnel who design, program, operates and maintains computer equipment refers to
  26. The Stepped Reckoner was invented by
  27. Who built the first Mechanical Calculator?
  28. IBM 1401 is
  29. A paper printout of a document is known as
  30. Which of the following have the fastest access time?