Which of the following contributes maximum as main source of sulphur in the blast furnace charge?

A. Sinter

B. Coke

C. Iron ore

D. Limestone

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  1. __________ has the highest melting point out of the following.
  2. __________ is used as a material of construction for the blade of power saw.
  3. Melting point & boiling points of liquid oxygen are respectively - 218.8°C & - 183°C, while…
  4. In connection with corrosion of metals, passivation is the process that
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  6. Steel rods are normally used for concrete reinforcement because concrete and steel have almost equal
  7. Main constituent of bone ash is
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  9. Methyl orange indicator turns
  10. Hot & cold working of material causes its __________ deformation.
  11. Faraday's law of electrolysis is related to the
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  13. The fugacity of liquid water at 298 K is approximately 3171 Pa. Considering the ideal heat of vaporisation…
  14. Filler material used in welding should have __________ as compared to the parent metal to be welded.
  15. Fibrous fracture is normally encountered in the __________ materials.
  16. Midrex process of sponge iron production uses reformed natural gas as the reducing agent, which uses…
  17. Difference at any instant between the value of the controlled variable and the set point is called the
  18. Brittleness induced due to the presence of sulphur in steel can be reduced by adding
  19. A solution which resists change in its pH value on addition of acid/alkali is called the __________…
  20. Encyclopaedia of Chemical Technology has been
  21. In condensers used in thermal power plants, steam is normally used in shell side and cooling water on…
  22. Air-petrol ratio for maximum power generation in spark ignition engine is about
  23. Pick out the wrong statement.
  24. Lead is poured into the joint between two __________ pipes.
  25. Steam condenser tubes are made of admiralty brass, in which percentage of zinc & copper are __________…
  26. The starting of a car takes time in winter, because the
  27. Thermit welding uses the following energy source.
  28. Sudden fall of atmospheric pressure by a large amount is an indication of the
  29. Which of the following has the least value of ultimate tensile strength (UTS)?
  30. Function of gear box is to