Which of the following disciplines provides study of the relative motion between the parts of a machine and the forces acting on the parts?

A. Theory of machines

B. Applied mechanics

C. Mechanisms

D. Kinetics

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  1. The minimum periodic time of a compound pendulum is
  2. A combination of kinematic pairs, joined in such a way that the relative motion between the links is…
  3. For a kinematic chain to be considered as mechanism
  4. When the crank is at the inner dead centre, in a reciprocating steam engine, then the velocity of the…
  5. When two links are connected by a pin joint, their instantaneous centre lies
  6. A higher pair has__________.
  7. Crowning on pulleys helps
  8. The pitching of a ship produces forces on the bearings which act __________ to the motion of the ship.
  9. A rigid body possesses ________degrees of freedom
  10. To obviate axial thrust, following gear drive is used
  11. Ackermann steering gear consists of
  12. A disturbing mass m₁ attached to the rotating shaft may be balanced by a single mass m₂…
  13. Which type of gearing is used in steering system of an automobile?
  14. The angle of inclination of the plane, at which the body begins to move down the plane is called
  15. Rectangular bar in a rectangular hole is the following type of pair
  16. The displacement of the reciprocating roller follower, when it has contact with the straight flanks…
  17. The essential condition of placing the two masses, so that the system becomes dynamically equivalent,…
  18. Creep in belt drive is due to
  19. The pressure angle of a cam is the angle between the direction of the follower motion and a normal to…
  20. The maximum efficiency of spiral gears is (where θ = Shaft angle, and φ = Friction angle)
  21. Which one of the following is an exact straight line mechanism using lower pairs?
  22. The maximum fluctuation of speed is the
  23. It is required to connect two parallel shafts, the distance between whose axes is small and variable.…
  24. When the nature of contact between the elements of a pair is such that it can only slide relative to…
  25. If the radius of gyration of a compound pendulum about an axis through e.g. is more, then its frequency…
  26. Which is the false statement about the properties of instantaneous centre?
  27. The centrifugal tension in belts
  28. In the below figure, PC is the connecting rod and OC is the crank making an angle θ with the line…
  29. Which of the following governor is used to drive a gramophone?
  30. The unbalanced force due to revolving masses