Which of the following does not come under the sales expenses for a product of a chemical plant?

A. Advertising

B. Warehousing

C. Legal fees

D. Customer service

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  1. Which of the following is not a component of the fixed capital for a chemical plant facility?
  2. For a typical project, the cumulative cash flow is zero at the
  3. Optimum economic pipe diameter for fluid is determined by the
  4. Payback period
  5. Functional depreciation of an equipment is the measure of decrease in its value due to its
  6. In financial accounting of a chemical plant, which of the following relationship is invalid?
  7. __________ of depreciation calculation does not take into account the interest on investments.
  8. If an amount R is paid at the end of every year for 'n' years, then the net present value of the annuity…
  9. Pick out the wrong statement.
  10. The payback method for the measurement of return on investment
  11. If 'S' is the amount available after 'n' interest periods for an initial principal 'P' with the discrete…
  12. Personnel working in the market research group is responsible for the job of
  13. The ratio of gross annual sales to the fixed capital investment is termed as the __________ ratio.
  14. Nominal and effective interest rates are equal, when the interest is compounded
  15. Fixed charges for a chemical plant does not include the
  16. __________ taxes are based on gross earnings.
  17. Effluent treatment cost in a chemical plant is categorised as the __________ cost.
  18. Generally, income taxes are based on the
  19. Operating profit of a chemical plant is equal to
  20. The value of a property decreases __________ with time in straight line method of determining depreciation.
  21. Chemical engineering plant cost index is used for finding the present cost of a particular chemical…
  22. If the interest rate of 10% per period is compounded half yearly, the actual annual return on the principal…
  23. In a manufacturing industry, breakeven point occurs, when the
  24. Direct costs component of the fixed capital consists of
  25. The 'total capital investment' for a chemical process plant comprises of the fixed capital investment…
  26. Out of the following, the depreciation calculated by the __________ method is the maximum.
  27. 'P' is the investment made on an equipment, 'S' is its salvage value and 'n is the life of the equipment…
  28. Fixed capital investment of a chemical plant is the total amount of money needed to supply the necessary…
  29. Relative cost of chemical process plants in India is about __________ percent more than the similar…
  30. Cost of instrumentation in a modern chemical plant ranges from __________ percent of the total plant…