Which of the following engineering materials is the most suitable candidate for hot chamber die casting?

A. Low carbon steel

B. Titanium

C. Copper

D. Tin

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  1. In which of the following machine, the work remains stationary and the tool is rotated?
  2. A grinding wheel becomes glazed (i.e. cutting edge takes a glasslike appearance) due to
  3. The guideways are of
  4. In _________ operation, the chip thickness is minimum at the beginning of the cut and it reaches to…
  5. Quality screw threads are produced by
  6. The ductile materials, during machining, produce
  7. Slow speed of the spindle is necessary in
  8. The operation in which oil is permeated into the pores of a powder metallurgy product is known as
  9. Ceramic tools are fixed to tool body by
  10. In electro-discharge machining, dielectric is used to
  11. The object of caulking in a riveted joint is to make the joint
  12. Thread grinding requires work speed from
  13. The velocity of tool along the tool face is known as
  14. In a shaper, the length of stroke is increased by
  15. Gear lapping is an operation
  16. During normalizing process of steel, the specimen is heated
  17. It is desired to perform the operations like drilling, reaming, counter-boring etc. on a work piece.…
  18. The drill spindles are provided with standard taper known as
  19. For machining a cast iron workpiece by a high speed steel tool, the average cutting speed is
  20. In Oxyacetylene gas welding, temperature at the inner cone of the flame is around
  21. The floating position of the holding fixture in a rotary transfer device is used to
  22. The common welding error that occurs due to shrinkage of weld metal, faulty clamping of parts, faulty…
  23. The tool life is affected by
  24. As the cutting speed increases, the tool cutting forces
  25. Trepanning is an operation of
  26. A mandrel is used to hold
  27. The snag grinding is done
  28. The depth of cut in drilling is __________ the drill diameter.
  29. In ultrasonic machining, the metal is removed by
  30. Cutting fluids are used to