What is the correct answer?


Which of the following group of kingdom protista is being described by the statements given below ?
(i) This group includes diatoms and golden algae.
(ii) They are microscopic and float passively in water currents (plankton).
(iii) Most of them are photosynthetic.
(iv) They have deposits in their habitat; this accumulation over billion of years is referred to as diatomaceous earth.

A. Dinoflagellates

B. Chrysophytes

C. Euglenoids

D. Slime moulds

Correct Answer :

B. Chrysophytes

Chrysophytes are plant-like protists that can be found in marine and freshwater environments which are often low in calcium. There are three main types of chrysophytes: diatoms (bacillariophyta), golden-brown algae (chrysophyceae), and yellow-green algae (xanthophyceae).

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