What is the correct answer?


Which of the following group of plant is being described by given statements ?
(i) The plant body is thalloid.
(ii) Asexual reproduction takes place by fragmentation of thalli, or by the formation of specialized structures called gemmae.
(iii) The sporophyte is differentiated into a foot, seta and capsule.
(iv) They grow usually in moist and shady habitats.

A. Liverworts

B. Moss

C. Fern

D. Gymnosperm

Correct Answer :

A. Liverworts

Liverworts (belongs to bryophytes) is a flowerless, sporeproducing plant - with the spores produced in small capsules. Liverworts are small, green, terrestrial plants. They do not have true roots, stems, or leaves. Instead, they have an above ground leaf-like structure, known as a thallus, and an underground structure, known as a rhizoid. Most liverworts are found in moist environments and they tend to be less resistant to desiccation than their relatives, the mosses. Like mosses, many species of liverworts reproduce by making gemmae.

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