What is the correct answer?


Which of the following is a correct match of a phylum with their three examples?

A. PlatyhelminthesPlanaria, Schistosoma, Enterobius

B. Mollusca Loligo, Sepia, Octopus

C. Porifera Spongilla, Euplectella, Pennatula

D. Cnidaria Bonellia, Physalia, Aurelia

Correct Answer :

B. Mollusca Loligo, Sepia, Octopus

Loligo, Sepia and octopus are examples of Mollusca phylum. Enterobius is an example of nematode. Pennatula is a colonial coral, belongs to coelenterate phylum. Bonellia (the green spoon worm) is a marine worm (phylum Echiura) noted for displaying exceptional sexual dimorphism and for the biocidal properties of a pigment in its skin.

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