Which of the following is an additional step in the manufacture of paper from bagasse as compared to that from bamboo?

A. Depithing

B. Digestion

C. Bleaching

D. None of these

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  1. Pick out the correct statement.
  2. Viscose rayon is
  3. Which of the following is an endothermic reaction?
  4. Cooking liquor in case of sulphite process is
  5. Mercury cells for caustic soda manufacture, compared to diaphragm cells
  6. Potassium is kept & transported under
  7. Starting material for the production of styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) is
  8. What products do we get on electrolysis of saturated brine using steel cathode and graphite anode in…
  9. The purpose of adding Na2CO3 to water of low alkalinity is to
  10. Naphthols are derivates of
  11. Dense soda ash used in the manufacture of glass, is chemically represented by
  12. Laboratory glass wares which reacts with hydrofluoric acid, are made of the __________ glass.
  13. Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) is added in detergents to act as a/an
  14. Silicon carbide is a/an
  15. The function of gypsum addition during cement making is to
  16. The catalyst used in the production of elemental sulphur from H2S (by oxidation-reduction) is
  17. A mineral is termed as 'ore', if
  18. Ethyl alcohol cannot be produced
  19. In sulphate pulp manufacture, the pressure and temperature in the digestor is
  20. Chemical name of aspirin (an analgesic drug) is
  21. Raw materials for 'Solvay Process' for manufacture of the soda ash are
  22. Sand and __________ is fused at 1300°C, to produce sodium silicate.
  23. The difference between saponification value and acid value is
  24. SO2 is bubbled through hot sugar cane juice to
  25. Pick out the wrong statement.
  26. Lubricating greases are a mixture of
  27. Pick out the exothermic reaction out of the following:
  28. Which of the following is a bleaching agent added in the detergents to facilitate removal of stains…
  29. Pick out the wrong statement. Iodine value of an oil or fat is
  30. Penicillin is separated from fermented broth by