Which of the following is an essential constituent of acids?

A. Oxygen

B. Nitrogen

C. Hydrogen

D. Chlorine

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  1. Which among the following is a local anaesthetic?
  2. The most abundant constituent in air is
  3. Which of the following process involves removal of the elements of water?
  4. Chloroform used as anaesthetic should be preserved In the dark in tightly stoppered bottles because…
  5. A mixture of naphthalene and sand is separated by
  6. Galvanising is the process of coating
  7. The compound used in photography is
  8. Invert sugar is
  9. The gas evolved when ammonium nitrate is heated is
  10. Which of the following la a very good supporter of combustion?
  11. Riboflavin deficiency causes
  12. Bordeaux mixture contains
  13. The non-metal which has a shining appearance is
  14. Which of the following cannot be used for the preparation of soap?
  15. Which of the following is not a chemical change?
  16. Ozone occurs in the upper layers of air in the atmosphere because
  17. Beri-beri is caused by deficiency of Vitamin
  18. Which or the following is not a constituent or gun powder?
  19. Which of the following is not an alloy of copper?
  20. Jeweller's rouge is
  21. The carbon cycle ensures that
  22. Brine is a solution of
  23. In addition to nitric acid, another acid which may render iron passive is
  24. Heated saw dust catches fire when a drop of concentrated nitric acid is added to it. This is due to
  25. Plaster of Paris
  26. In the common soda-acid fire extinguisher, the fire is put out by
  27. An example of thermo setting plastics is
  28. Leakage in Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders is easily detected by adding
  29. The malarial parasite was discovered by
  30. The alloy which is extremely hard and resistant to acids is