Which of the following is an essential file of a MS-DOS boot disk?





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  1. In case of ________________the server automatically copies files to other servers after the files are…
  2. Pick the wrong statement from the following.
  3. Identify the distributed computing model from the following statement. In this model, the user's processes…
  4. The primary purpose of an operating system is:
  5. One of the wonderful things about UNIX is its ___________names.
  6. In ____________ location policies a random node is polled to check its state and the task is transferred…
  7. The date and time displays on
  8. What do you mean by 0-reliable level in multicast communication?
  9. Transparent RPC mechanism refers to :
  10. DSM stands for______________
  11. ____________approach can place the data directly into the memory or take the data directly from the…
  12. BSD stands for_____________________
  13. You can move a window to a different position on your screen by dragging it by its
  14. The name services of DCE include ________
  15. _____________ manage the name spaces and binds an object to its location.
  16. Choose the correct statement from the following.
  17. Windows 2000 supports -------------- type of file system
  18. An orphan process is automatically inherited by the _____and becomes a _______ of this process.
  19. In the case of____________, message remains in the senders address space until the receiver executes…
  20. You can use print manage window
  21. The ______________ unpacks the call receipt messages from local RPC Runtime and makes a perfect local…
  22. A process is already split into pieces, called________________.
  23. Which one of the following statements is true?
  24. _________, as a feature of good distributed file system, clients should be able to continue working…
  25. The two sub systems of user mode layer of windows 2000 are _________ and __________
  26. ______________ is a situation in which two computer programs sharing the same resource are effectively…
  27. Identify the server:This type of server generally remains in existence indefinitely. It is shared by…
  28. Fsck conducts a check in _____ phases
  29. The maximum size of a write file is limited to only
  30. __ is the program run on a computer when the computer boots up