Which of the following is an inversion of Single slider crank chain?

A. Beam engine

B. Rotary engine

C. Oldhams coupling

D. Elliptical trammel

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  1. Hart mechanism has
  2. A mechanism __________ for transmitting or transforming motion.
  3. If there are L number of links in a mechanism, then number of possible inversions is equal to
  4. The danger of breakage and vibration is maximum
  5. A cam with a roller follower would constitute following type of pair
  6. In under damped vibrating system, if x₁ and x₂ are the successive values of the amplitude…
  7. A watt's governor can work satisfactorily at speeds from
  8. The motion between a pair when limited to a definite direction, irrespective of the direction of force…
  9. The number of links in pantograph mechanism is equal to
  10. The face of the tooth is the
  11. A point on a link connecting double slider crank chain traces a
  12. Shaft revolving in a bearing is the following type of pair
  13. Klein's construction gives a graphic construction for
  14. In locomotives, the ratio of the connecting rod length to me crank radius is kept very large in order…
  15. In the below figure, PC is the connecting rod and OC is the crank making an angle θ with the line…
  16. The partial balancing of reciprocating parts in locomotives produces
  17. A typewriter mechanism has 7 numbers of binary joints, six links and none of higher pairs. The mechanism…
  18. If D₁ and D₂ be the diameters of driver and driven pulleys, then belt speed is proportional…
  19. The secondary unbalanced force is maximum __________ in one revolution of the crank.
  20. Which of the following is an inversion of Single slider crank chain?
  21. Oldham's coupling is the
  22. An imaginary circle which by pure rolling action, gives the same motion as the actual gear, is called
  23. The type of gears used to connect two non parallel and non intersecting shafts is
  24. Angle of descent of cam is defined as the angle
  25. The motion between a pair which takes place in __________ is known as incompletely constrained motion.
  26. When the two elements of a pair have a surface contact when relative motion takes place and the surface…
  27. The acceleration of a particle moving with simple harmonic motion, at any instant is given by
  28. The critical speed of a shaft depends upon its
  29. A disturbing mass m₁ attached to the rotating shaft may be balanced by a single mass m₂…
  30. The method of obtaining different mechanisms by fixing in turn different links in a kinematic chain,…