Which of the following is an ore of iron?

A. Galena

B. Chalcopyrite

C. Hematite

D. Bauxite

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  1. Boiling of water containing temporary hardness produces
  2. Sulphuric acid is mainly used in the __________ industry.
  3. Litharge is
  4. Permanent hardness of water can be removed by
  5. Pick out the true statement pertaining to water treatment.
  6. Which of the following is not required in the manufacture of soda ash by Solvay process?
  7. Vegetable oils and fats basically differ in their
  8. Impurities present in brine is normally removed by treatment with
  9. Catalyst used in the manufacture of sulphuric acid by chamber & contact processes are respectively
  10. __________ is an ore concentrating metallurgical process involving a chemical change.
  11. At very high concentration of enzymes, the rate of fermentation chemical reaction is __________ the…
  12. What products do we get on electrolysis of saturated brine using steel cathode and graphite anode in…
  13. 90% of the caprolactam is converted to nylon-6 on its condensation polymerisation in the reactor maintained…
  14. Consider the production of ammonia from methene and air as raw materials. The catalysts used are:(i)…
  15. Molecular weights of polymers are in the range of
  16. Most easily and cheaply available fibrous raw material for paper manufacture available in India is bamboo.…
  17. Carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) is the starting raw material for the manufacture of
  18. Mineral oils (e.g. petroleum oils) are preferred over fatty oils (e.g. mustard oil, ghee, tallow, palm…
  19. The major constituents of glass are
  20. Fourdrinier machine is used in the manufacture of
  21. Calcareous & argillaceous materials are used in the manufacture of
  22. Kaolin is a/an
  23. Sucrose content in cane sugar may be around __________ percent.
  24. The most widely used coagulant for removing suspended impurities from water is
  25. Carborundum consists mainly of
  26. Which of the following processes is absent in glass manufacturing process?
  27. The terminology 'BTX' used in coal tar distillation industry refers to
  28. Bromides contained in hot mother liquor is treated with __________ during manufacture of bromine from…
  29. Addition of calcium oxide to water produces
  30. Nylon-6 is manufactured from