Which of the following is an organometallic compound?

A. Isopropyl alcohol

B. Tetra-ethyl lead

C. Zeolite

D. Cumene

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  1. The main use of HCl is in the
  2. Dense soda ash used in the manufacture of glass, is chemically represented by
  3. Which of the following is a bleaching agent added in the detergents to facilitate removal of stains…
  4. CO & H2 are the constituents of
  5. Which of the following sugars is the sweetest?
  6. Main use of hydrazine is
  7. Chemical name of aspirin (an analgesic drug) is
  8. Presence of sodium tripolyphosphate (an additive) in synthetic detergent
  9. Temporary hardness of water can be removed by
  10. Vegetable oils and fats basically differ in their
  11. Percentage of glycerine present in the spent lye obtained during soap manufacture is about
  12. Pick out the wrong statement.
  13. Zeolite is used in the
  14. Mercury electrolytic cell produces 50-70% NaOH solution. Its operating temperature is __________ °C.
  15. Nickel is not used as a catalyst in the
  16. The type of high refractive index glass used in optical instruments is __________ glass.
  17. An alkali metal salt of Palmitic acid is known as
  18. Hydrogenation of edible vegetable oils
  19. Basic oxide is absent in __________ glass.
  20. Setting of plaster of Paris is accompanied with
  21. Zeolite is a/an
  22. __________ is used as a flux in the smelting of copper ore like chalcopyrite.
  23. H2S is scrubbed from refinery gases by absorption using
  24. __________ iron is the purest form of iron.
  25. Which of the following is a detergent?
  26. Mercury electrolytic cells are preferred over diaphragm electrolytic cell (for production of caustic…
  27. Which oil is preferred for paint manufacture?
  28. The main component of Pyrex glass is
  29. Lubricating greases are a mixture of
  30. Production of one ton of cement requires about __________ tons of limestone.