Which of the following is involved in the production of new blood cells ?

A. Adipose cell

B. Bone marrow

C. Liver

D. Matrix

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  1. Epithelial tissue is distinguished from connective tissue, muscular, or nervous tissue by its
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  3. General function of gland is to
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  5. Nervous tissue cells that play several supporting roles but do not transmit impulses are called
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  11. Which of the following is involved in the production of new blood cells ?
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  13. Choose the correct sequence of alimentary canal of Cockroach
  14. Hair present in the skin are
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  16. Neuroglia are
  17. The only type of cell seen in a tendon is
  18. Compound squamous epithelium is found in
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  26. Which of the following vertebrate tissues would be an excellent source of collagen?
  27. Lack of blood supply and presence of the noncellular basement membrane are the characteristics of the
  28. Muscle tissue cells are contractile, which means they
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  30. The frog never drinks water but absorbs it through one of its respiratory organ. Identify the organ.