Which of the following is machine independence program?

A. High level language

B. Low level language

C. Assembly language

D. Machine language

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  1. CD-ROM stands for
  2. Regarding data, computers are very good at
  3. Which is used for manufacturing chips?
  4. Which device is required for the Internet connection?
  5. A dumb terminal has
  6. Microprocessors as switching devices are for which generation computers
  7. A device designed to read information encoded into a small plastic card is
  8. What do you call a single point on a computer screen?
  9. The computer size was very large in
  10. What are the stages in the compilation process?
  11. A characteristic of card systems is:
  12. Reusable optical storage will typically have the acronym-
  13. Which unit holds data permanently?
  14. Which of the following computer implemented binary numbers, perform calculations using electronics and…
  15. Which of the following is not a binary number?
  16. Who invented vacuum tubes?
  17. Which programming languages are classified as low level languages?
  18. Which is not a comptuer of first generation?
  19. Which of the following languages is more suited to a structured program?
  20. Magnetic disk is an example of
  21. Abacus was the first
  22. The two kinds of main memory are:
  23. What was the first computer to perform all calculation using electronics rather than wheels, ratchets,…
  24. What is the name of the display feature that highlights are of the screen which requires operator attention?
  25. Which of the following terms is the most closely related to main memory?
  26. VGA is
  27. Which of the following is not an electronic computer?
  28. Human beings are referred to as Homosapinens, which device is called Sillico Sapiens?
  29. ALU and Control Unit jointly known as
  30. Another word for a daisy wheel printer