Which of the following is not a recovery technique?

A. Deferred update

B. Immediate update

C. Two-phase commit

D. Shadow paging

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  1. The data models defined by ANSI/SPARC architecture are
  2. Protection of data from unauthorized Disclosure results in loss of _______
  3. Data independence means
  4. Immediate database modification technique uses
  5. For using a specific database …………… command is used.
  6. An advantage of the database management approach is
  7. Which of the following concurrency control schemes is not based on the serializability property?
  8. Which of the following ensures the atomicity of the transaction?
  9. Employees in a company are each assigned their own office, i.e. for each employee there exists a unique…
  10. DFD stands for
  11. If both the functional dependencies : XY and YX hold for two attributes X and Y then the relationship…
  12. If the closure of an attribute set is the entire relation then the attribute set is a
  13. A _____ is used to define overall design of the database
  14. The part of a database management system which ensures that the data remains in a consistent state is
  15. Maximum height of a B+ tree of order m with n key values is
  16. The division operator divides a dividend A of degree m+n by a divisor relation B of degree n and produces…
  17. Which one is true statement :
  18. operator is used to compare a value to a list of literals values that have been specified.
  19. Given the following relation S(SNO,SNAME,CITY) write a query to update the value of CITY to KANPUR for…
  20. The clause in SQL that specifies that the query result should be sorted in ascending or descending order…
  21. Consider the join of relation R with a relation S. If R has m tuples and S has n tuples, then the maximum…
  22. Which of the following is true for network structure?
  23. The default level of consistency in SQL is
  24. Create a table with the following attributes: Employee(EMPNO integer, EMPNAME of 10 characters)
  25. The _____ category includes storage media that can be operated on directly by the computers central…
  26. Tree structures are used to store data in
  27. Union operator is a :
  28. In 2NF
  29. The ______ key of a relation is the attribute (column) or collection of attributes, which uniquely identify…
  30. What will be the number of columns and rows respectively obtained for the operation, A- B, if A B are…