Which of the following is not a valid size of a Floppy Disk?

A. 8?

B. 5 ¼?

C. 3 ½?

D. 5 ½?

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  1. Com in Latin is
  2. Symbolic languages were developed in
  3. Chief component of first generation computer was
  4. The terminal device that functions as a cash register, computer terminal, and OCR reader is the:
  5. WAN is a most used abbreviation in Networking, what is its full form?
  6. What are the three decisions making operations performed by the ALU of a computer?
  7. The digital computer was developed primarily in
  8. A dumb terminal has
  9. When a logic bomb is activated by a time-related event, it is known as a:
  10. To produce high quality graphics (hardcopy) in color, you would want to use a/n
  11. A register organized to allow to move left or right operations is called a
  12. The two major types of computer chips are
  13. Which access method is used to access cassette tape?
  14. Who is the father of personal computer?
  15. Programs designed to perform specific tasks is known as
  16. Unwanted repetitious messages, such as unsolicited bulk e-mail is known as
  17. High density double sided floppy disks could store of data
  18. Which is the highest form?
  19. A number system that has eight different symbols to represent any quantity is known as
  20. The actual execution of instructions happens in
  21. Which of the following is the largest unit?
  22. The difference between memory and storage is that memory is _____ and storage is __
  23. MICR stands for
  24. Which of the following is not a micro computer?
  25. The programs which are as permanent as hardware and stored in ROM is known as
  26. The microcomputer, Intel MCS-80 is based on the widely used Intel
  27. By programmable machine we mean
  28. Which of the following memories needs refreshing?
  29. The examination and changing of single bits or small groups of his within a word is called
  30. A modern electronic computer is a machine that is meant for