Which of the following is the cheapest material of construction for the storage of sodium hydroxide upto a concentration of 75%?

A. Stainless steel

B. Plain carbon steel

C. Nickel

D. Copper

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  1. Pick out the wrong statement.
  2. A series of equal payments (e.g., deposit or cost) made at equal intervals of time is known as
  3. Gross earning is equal to the total income minus
  4. A present sum of Rs. 100 at the end of one year, with half yearly rate of interest at 10%, will be Rs.
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  15. Scheduling provides information about the
  16. 'Six-tenth factor' rule is used for estimating the
  17. Personnel working in the market research group is responsible for the job of
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  26. Effective and nominal interest rates are equal, when the interest is compounded
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  29. __________ of depreciation calculation accounts for the interest on investment.
  30. Profit is equal to revenue minus