Which of the following is 'the cruel planet' in Indian astrology?

A. Jupiter

B. Saturn

C. Uranus

D. Neptune

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  1. What is the name of 'brightest Planet'?
  2. To a space traveller stationed in Moon, during the day time the lunar sky will appear
  3. What is siderial day?
  4. Which of the following conditions la the most relevant for the presence of life on Mars?
  5. What is the name given to the widened rivermouth found at the point a river enters the sea?
  6. How many degrees north and south are the Tropics?
  7. The permanent tilt of the Earth's axis and the revolution of the Earth in its orbit together cause
  8. An imaginary belt of 12 constellations or group of stars la called
  9. Deimos and Phobos are the satellites of
  10. How much is the variation In distance between the Earth and the Sun during aphelion and perihelion?
  11. A system of millions and millions of galaxies are called _____.
  12. Which of the following are the Inner Planets?1. Mercury2. Venus3. Earth4. Mars
  13. What is the primary cause of seasonal change on the surface of the earth?
  14. On which date is the Earth in 'aphelion'?
  15. Smallest planet of our Solar System is _____.
  16. Which of the following is not an astronomical object?
  17. The name of our galaxy is _______
  18. A celestial body which revolves round the Sun and receives heat and light from it is called _____.
  19. Equatorial circumference of the Earth is
  20. Which of the following is 'the cruel planet' in Indian astrology?
  21. If the Sun dies It will be transformed Into a
  22. What happens during the equinoxes?
  23. The date on which the Sun is vertical over the 'Tropic of Cancer' is
  24. When the earth is at its minimum distance from the Sun, it is said to be
  25. The axis of Mars la inclined at an angle of
  26. The atmospheric· pressure on the surface of Venus is more than__ times the atmospheric pressure of the…
  27. Polar circumference of the Earth is
  28. Average density of the Earth is ( relative to water) __.
  29. Going into the interior of the earth the weight of an object
  30. Period of sunspot cycle is