Which of the following is the heaviest?

A. Neutron

B. Proton

C. Atom

D. Electron

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  1. Reflector in nuclear power plants _________ neutron leakage.
  2. A nuclear unit becoming critical means
  3. Where reactor operation is designed with fast neutrons such as in reactors using highly enriched fuel,…
  4. U₂₃₃ is produced
  5. When a reactor becomes critical, then the production of neutrons is
  6. Which of the following are ferrite materials?
  7. A moderator, apart from its high neutron slowing power, and low non-productive neutron, should be
  8. U235 will undergo fission by
  9. U238 will undergo fission by
  10. Breeder reactors employ liquid metal coolant because it
  11. In nuclear fission each neutron that causes fission releases
  12. In a fission process, maximum percentage of energy is released as
  13. The risk of radioactive hazard is greatest in the turbine with following reactor
  14. Artificial radioactive isotopes find application in
  15. The presence of reflector in nuclear power plants results in
  16. The function of control rods in nuclear plants is to
  17. Which of the following statement is correct regarding the features of a Breeder reactor?
  18. Reactors for propulsion applications use
  19. Boiling water reactor uses the following as moderator, coolant and working fluid
  20. In natural uranium, the constituents of three naturally occuring isotopes are
  21. A fission chain reaction in uranium can be developed
  22. The main interest of shielding in nuclear reactor is protection against
  23. A nuclear reactor is said to be critical when the neutron population in the reactor core is
  24. A nuclear fission produces energy of following order in MeV
  25. Half life of a radioactive isotope corresponds to the time required for half of the following to decay
  26. Moderator in nuclear plants is used to
  27. One gram of uranium will produce energy equivalent to approximately
  28. Boiling water reactor employs
  29. Isotopes of same elements have
  30. The total energy released in fission of U is