Which of the following layouts is suited for mass production?

A. Process layout

B. Product layout

C. Fixed position layout

D. Plant layout

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  1. M.T.M. is used to
  2. In a PERT chart
  3. Process layout is employed
  4. In the Emerson efficiency plan, a worker receives only his daily wage and no bonus is paid till his…
  5. The average time recorded by work study man for an operation is called
  6. The mathematical technique for finding the best use of limited resources in an optimum manner is known…
  7. Choose the wrong statement. Motion study is used for
  8. Current assets include
  9. Acceptance sampling is used in
  10. Halsey plan of wage incentive
  11. If a worker gets a daily wage of Rs HA, then according to Rowan plan, his maximum daily earnings can…
  12. Breakeven analysis consists of
  13. The most popular type of organisation used for Civil Engineering Constructions is
  14. Which of the following depreciation system ensures that the interest be charged on the cost of machine…
  15. Linear programming can be applied successfully to
  16. The time of completing a project in network analysis is given by following time of the critical activity…
  17. Work study is done with the help of
  18. The technique for establishing and maintaining priorities among the various jobs of any project is known…
  19. Bar charts are suitable for
  20. The bonus increases in proportion to the increase in efficiency. This statement applies to
  21. The time required to complete a task is established and a bonus is paid to the worker for every hour…
  22. Which one of the following represents a group incentive plan?
  23. The correct sequence of phases in value engineering is
  24. Micro-motion study involves following number of fundamental hand motions
  25. The chart which gives an estimate about the amount of materials handling between various work stations…
  26. In CPM, the cost slope is determined by
  27. In the cost structure of a product, the selling price is determined by the factors such as
  28. According to MAPI formula, the old machine should be replaced by new one when (CAM = Challenger's Adverse…
  29. Routing prescribes the
  30. PERT