Which of the following layouts is suited to job production?

A. Process layout

B. Product layout

C. Fixed position layout

D. Plant layout

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  1. CPM is the
  2. In manufacturing management, the term 'Dispatching' is used to describe
  3. A-B-C analysis is used in
  4. The performance of a specific task in CPM is known as
  5. Bar chart is suitable for
  6. A systematic job improvement sequence will consist of
  7. Graphical method, simplex method, and transportation method are concerned with
  8. Which of the following organisations is best suited for steel plants
  9. Which of the following type of layout is suitable for automobile manufacturing concern?
  10. A dummy activity in a net work diagram
  11. The employees provident fund act is applicable to
  12. The correct sequence of phases in value engineering is
  13. Which one of the following techniques is used for determining allowances in time study?
  14. Scheduling
  15. Work study is mainly aimed at
  16. In CPM, the cost slope is determined by
  17. In product layout
  18. The simplex method is the basic method for
  19. The technique for establishing and maintaining priorities among the various jobs of any project is known…
  20. The technique of value analysis can be applied to
  21. The reasons which are basically responsible for the formation of a queue should be that
  22. When slack of an activity is positive
  23. An optimum project schedule implies
  24. The difference between the time available to do the job and the time required to do the job, is known…
  25. The probability distribution of project completion in PERT follows following distribution
  26. PERT
  27. An activity of the project is graphically represented by ________ on the network diagram.
  28. Queueing theory is used for
  29. Critical Path Net Work helps an engineer
  30. In value engineering, important consideration is given to