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  1. 'GASOHOL' widely used in Brazil as a motor fuel is a mixture of alcohol and
  2. Blow off cock is provided in steam boiler to
  3. Lap joints are preferred over butt joints in soldering/brazing, because these joints are
  4. __________ is the hardest oxide and is hence used where high wear resistance at high temperature is…
  5. The main constituent of bones is
  6. Hydro-cyclone is a
  7. Often earing defects are found during deep drawing operation, because the
  8. Name the safety device used to protect the boiler, when the water level falls below a minimum level.
  9. Calorific value of __________ are almost same.
  10. Fire in fuel gas pipelines is extinguished most effectively by
  11. Which of the following are made out of the carbon steel having carbon content of 0.9 to 1%?
  12. Metallic surveying tapes are made of __________ which has a low co-efficient of expansion & enough strength.
  13. The same volume of all gases is representative of their
  14. The starting of a car takes time in winter, because the
  15. Pick out the wrong statement.
  16. The most important requirement for aluminium industry is the availability of cheap
  17. When the wavelength of incident X-rays increases, the angle of diffraction
  18. Which of the following is used to produce draught in the locomotive boilers?
  19. Carbide tipped cutting tools are manufactured by powder metallurgy techniques and have a composition…
  20. A gas which is collected over water becomes moistened due to water vapor, exerts its own partial pressure…
  21. Hot & cold working of material causes its __________ deformation.
  22. For a small scale toy factory, the fixed cost per month is Rs. 5000/-. The variable cost per toy is…
  23. Which of the following phenomenon will exhibit the minimum heat transfer?
  24. Other parameters remaining same, the recrystallisation temperature of an alloy is lowered, when
  25. The property of material, by which a given amount of energy is absorbed by it, without plastic deformation,…
  26. Most of the phosphorous present in the blast furnace burden enters into
  27. For preparation of porous bearings by powder metallurgy, preferred particle shape is
  28. Earing is a defect found in steels after the following metal working operation.
  29. Dryness fraction of dry steam is
  30. According to maximum shear stress failure criterion, yielding in material occurs, when the maximum shear…