Which of the following pair are correctly matched.
A. Microtubules Structural components of cilia
B. Centrioles Store hydrolytic enzymes
C. Amyloplasts Store oil protein and starch in plants

A. A, B and C

B. A and B

C. A

D. A and C

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  1. Which of the following statements are correct?
  2. The fluidity of membranes in a plant in cold weather may be maintained by
  3. Which of these is wrongly matched?
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  5. Protein synthesis in an animal cell occurs
  6. Extension of plasma membrane in prokaryotic cell is
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  8. The best material for study of structure of cell membrane is
  9. Microtubules, motor proteins, and actin filaments are all part of the
  10. Centrioles and centrosomes occur in the cells of
  11. Choose the incorrect match.
  12. Chromosomes having equal or almost equal arms are called
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  16. Which one of the following cellular parts is correctly matched with their characters ?
  17. Nucleolus is
  18. Satellite means
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  20. Which function is carried out by the cell organelle 'X'?
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  22. Function of RER is
  23. The membrane of the erythrocytes has approximately ___% of proteins and ___% lipids.
  24. Which one of the following organelle given below is correctly matched with its function ?
  25. Function of contractile vacuole in Amoeba is
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  27. Which of the following pair lack the unit membrane?
  28. pH of vacuolar cell sap is
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  30. What would happen if lysosomes get ruptured in a cell?