Which of the following parts of the sun is easily visible only during a total solar eclipse?

A. core

B. photosphere

C. sunspots

D. corona

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  1. Lightening cause rainfall because
  2. The intencity of Earthquakes is measured on
  3. Which of the following characters is not shown by hydrogen
  4. The solar eclipse occurs when
  5. Liquefied Petroleum gas (LPG) consists of mainly
  6. The location and energy of an electron in an atom can be specified by
  7. Polythene is industrially prepared by the polymerisation of
  8. The property of a substance to absorb moisture from the air on exposure is called
  9. Rust is
  10. The metal used in storage batteries
  11. The recent atomic weight scale is based on
  12. In an atomic nucleus, neutrons and protons are held together by
  13. The Panda belongs to the same family as that of
  14. Which of the following elements is a metal
  15. Nitrification means
  16. Which of the following is commonly called a polyamide ?
  17. Brass gets discoloured in air due to the presence of which gas in air
  18. The smallest functional and structural unit of kidney is called as
  19. The marine animal called dugong which is vulnerable to extinction is a/an
  20. Permanent hardness of water can be removed by adding
  21. When a gas is turned into a liquid, the process is called
  22. Which of the following items will be attracted to the north pole of a permanent magnet by a magnet force?
  23. The removal of top soil by water or wind is called
  24. The type of glass used in making prisms and lenses is
  25. Which of the following elements is obtained from sea weeds ?
  26. Which of the following is in liquid form at room temperature ?
  27. Apparatus invented by Archimedes is :
  28. Which of the following is the lightest metal ?
  29. The speed of light with the rise in the temperature of the medium
  30. The major ingredient of leather is