Which of the following plants is smallest and lightest for generating a given amount of power?

A. Gas turbine plant

B. Petrol engine

C. Diesel engine

D. Solar plant

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  1. When air is to be compressed at a high pressure, then it is advantageous to use
  2. An ideal air compressor cycle with clearance on PV diagram can be represented by following processes
  3. In the aircraft propellers
  4. In which case the air-fuel ratio is likely to be maximum?
  5. The following property is most important for material used for gas turbine blade
  6. Pick up the correct statement
  7. Separators in compressor installations are located
  8. Surging is the phenomenon of
  9. The workdone on a compressor will be minimum if air is taken from
  10. A turboprop is preferred to turbojet because
  11. The compressor capacity with decrease in suction temperature
  12. High air-fuel ratio in gas turbines
  13. In a single acting reciprocating air compressor, without clearance, the compression of air may be
  14. Pick up the wrong statement
  15. In a jet propulsion unit, the products of combustion after passing through the gas turbine are discharged…
  16. Reheating in a multistage expansion gas turbine __________ compressor work.
  17. The ratio of outlet whirl velocity to blade velocity in case of centrifugal compressor is called
  18. A 3 m³/min compressor means that it
  19. Losses in a centrifugal compressor are due to
  20. In a jet engine, the air-fuel ratio is
  21. Fighter bombers use following type of engine
  22. The pressure ratio in gas turbines is of the order of
  23. A gas turbine used in air craft should have
  24. Euler's equation is applicable for
  25. The velocity of air entering in a rocket is ________ as compared to an aircraft.
  26. With the decrease in compression ratio, the volumetric efficiency
  27. Gas turbines for power generation are normally used
  28. The effective power of gas turbines is increased by adding the following in compressor
  29. Which one of the following is the effect of blade shape on performance of a centrifugal compressor?
  30. Ramjet engine