Which of the following protocols use a topology table to install routes into the IP routing

A. Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)

B. Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP)

C. Exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP)

D. Static routing protocols

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  1. What is the distance limitation of Cat5 UTP?
  2. You're configuring a dial-up connection to an ISP. Which of the following protocols is used?
  3. At which layer of the OSI model do FTP, SMTP, POP3, and HTTP function?
  4. ………………….is a technique of conversion between the representation…
  5. You've taken your Windows 2000 laptop to a client's network and plugged it in. Your computer is configured…
  6. ____________ was developed to support aggregation and summarization of routing information.
  7. In an autonomous system with n areas, how many areas are connected to the backbone?
  8. In distance vector routing an active router sends out information ………………………….
  9. The worldwide Internet is a well-known example of ------------------.
  10. Which of the following is currently a de facto standard, commonly used for point-to-point serial connections…
  11. Which of the following protocol is used by Integrated Services for signaling of the reservation messages?
  12. Which of the following delivery methods works with only one source and one destination? Multicast
  13. The packet transmit using standard Internet Protocol(IP) throughout the Internet by
  14. What is the maximum frame size of a frame relay?
  15. Which of the following provides the service for any casting?
  16. Identify the topology and network type that uses a central hub with cables connected to workstations.
  17. Videoconferencing is an example for…………………… communication
  18. You wish to install a 100BaseT network. What type of cabling will you use?
  19. A modem is a card within a PC that converts the …………... the computer produces…
  20. Which cable type is immune to outside interference and crosstalk?
  21. You are browsing www.microsoft.com on a machine named host.contoso.org.. What is the order of domain…
  22. What is the default port for Telnet?
  23. How many 64-Kbps channels are used on an ISDN BRI?
  24. In ----------------------- configuration, the switch begins to forward the packet as soon as it is received.…
  25. In the IP address, what does 129.2 specify?
  26. Which of these is a feature of hubs?
  27. TCP protocol is responsible for connection-oriented communication
  28. Your Web server is also configured as an FTP server. What part of the data packet will tell the server…
  29. The Hamming Distance for the codes generated using either even or odd parity will be------------------
  30. Class C network address class supports 65,534 hosts.