Which of the following refrigerant has the highest freezing point.

A. Ammonia

B. Carbon dioxide

C. Sulphur dioxide

D. R-12

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  1. The ratio of the actual mass of water vapour in a unit mass of dry air to the mass of water vapour in…
  2. In S.J. unit, one ton of refrigeration is equal to
  3. During cooling and dehumidification, dry bulb temperature
  4. Which of the following refrigerant has the lowest freezing point?
  5. Which of the following statement is wrong?
  6. Air refrigeration cycle is used in
  7. The index which correlates the combined effects of air temperature, relative humidity and air velocity…
  8. The conditioned air supplied to the room must have the capacity to take up
  9. In a psychrometric chart, specific humidity (moisture content) lines are
  10. The thermostatic expansion valve is used in __________ type of evaporators.
  11. The bank of tubes at the back of domestic refrigerator is
  12. Which of the following cycles uses air as the refrigerant?
  13. The mass of water vapour present in __________ is called absolute humidity.
  14. Which of the following refrigerant has the maximum ozone depletion potential in the stratosphere?
  15. A refrigeration cycle operates between condenser temperature of + 27°C and evaporator temperature…
  16. The refrigerant after condensation process is cooled below the saturation temperature before throttling.…
  17. Efficiency of a Carnot engine is given as 80%. If the cycle direction be reversed, what will be the…
  18. The relative humidity is defined as
  19. Pick up the wrong statement. A refrigerant should have
  20. The bypass factor, in case of sensible cooling of air, is given by (where td₁ = Dry bulb temperature…
  21. For obtaining high COP, the pressure range of compressor should be
  22. The specific humidity during heating and humidification process.
  23. The centrifugal compressors are generally used for refrigerants that require
  24. For air conditioning the operation theatre in a hospital, the percentage of outside air in the air supplied…
  25. The boiling point of ammonia is
  26. The vapour compression refrigerator employs the following cycle
  27. The wet bulb depression is zero when relative humidity is
  28. Air refrigerator works on
  29. The relative humidity lines on a psychrometric chart are
  30. In a spray washing system, if the temperature of water is higher than the dry bulb temperature of entering…