Which of the following refrigerant has the maximum ozone depletion potential in the stratosphere?

A. Ammonia

B. Carbon dioxide

C. Sulphur dioxide

D. Fluorine

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  1. In vapour compression cycle the condition of refrigerant is superheated vapour
  2. Most of the domestic refrigerators work on the following refrigeration system
  3. Vapour compression refrigeration is somewhat like
  4. The C.O.P. of a refrigerator working on a reversed Carnot cycle is (where T₁ = Lowest absolute…
  5. For proper refrigeration in a cabinet, if the temperature and vapour pressure difference between cabinet…
  6. For unsaturated air, the dew point temperature is __________ wet bulb temperature.
  7. Which of the following statement is wrong?
  8. The capillary tube is not used in large capacity refrigeration systems because
  9. The thermal diffusivity for gases is generally __________ those for liquids.
  10. Formation of frost on evaporator in refrigerator
  11. Dry bulb temperature is the temperature of air recorded by a thermometer, when
  12. The ratio of heat extracted in the refrigerator to the work-done on the refrigerant is called
  13. In a flooded evaporator refrigerator, an accumulator at suction of compressor is used to
  14. The refrigerant after condensation process is cooled below the saturation temperature before throttling.…
  15. In aircraft, air refrigeration Cycle is used because of
  16. Freon group of refrigerants are
  17. One tonne of refrigeration (1TR) means that the heat removing capacity is
  18. The C.O.P. of a Carnot refrigerator in winter will be _________ as compared to C.O.P. in summer.
  19. The evaporator used in household refrigerators is
  20. The optimum effective temperature for human comfort is
  21. The vapour compression refrigerator employs the following cycle
  22. The reduced ambient air cooling system has
  23. Relative humidity is given by (where pv = Partial pressure of water vapour, pb = Barometric pressure,…
  24. The dry bulb temperature lines, on the psychrometric chart are
  25. Which of the following statement is correct?
  26. The dry bulb temperature during sensible heating of air
  27. In actual air-conditioning applications for R-12 and R-22, and operating at a condenser temperature…
  28. The refrigerant for a refrigerator should have
  29. Which of the following cycles uses air as the refrigerant?
  30. The bypass factor for a cooling coil