Which of the following statement about synthesis of sentence is incorrect?

A. Synthesis means combining two or more simple sentences in one sentence.

B. Synthesis is opposite of transformation of sentences.

C. Synthesis leads to the formation of either aa simple, complex or compound sentence.

D. All are correct.

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  1. She never believed in his statement. His father is a doctor.
  2. You must start at once. You will be late.
  3. He didnt get admission. His grades were not very good.
  4. Which of the following statement is incorrect?
  5. It will start working. You give it a kick.
  6. You are not interested in this offer. I know it.
  7. The hope is. She will return tomorrow.
  8. It was not known. What is she doing in Indore.
  9. She was honest. This was his statement. It was right.
  10. We visited the Golden Temple. Gurunanak Devji preached his first sermon here.
  11. The monster was proud of his power. He was defeated by Hercules.
  12. He was going to school. He was caught in the train.
  13. He paid the subscription fee. His membership was renewed.
  14. Get inside. You may catch cold.
  15. Separate: Anita was scolded. Her uncle scolded badly.Combined: Anita was badly scolded by her uncle
  16. I went to the shop. I bought a watch.
  17. Separate: She wanted to educate her son. She sent him to London. Combined: She sent her son to London…
  18. Her younger brother is in Canada. He is a lecturer at a prestigious University.
  19. Separate: The monkey sat on a branch. He gibbered.Combined : Sitting on a branch the monkey gibbered.
  20. He went to the market. He saw the latest gadget. He could not, however purchase it.
  21. Sheena will not spend her money. She will not invest it.
  22. Given are two simple sentences, decipher which of the following is correctly combined complex sentence…
  23. Ashoka was a great conqueror. But he failed to unite the various conquered territories into a well-knit…
  24. Azim works hard Kabir works harder.
  25. He is snobbish. I like him.
  26. You heat ice. It melts.
  27. I say it. He is a good man.
  28. I know the man. He is a doctor.
  29. Given are two simple sentences, decipher which of the following is correctly combined complex sentence…
  30. My mother attended the wedding. My father attended the wedding.