Which of the following statement is correct?

A. The heat and work are boundary phenomena

B. The heat and work represent the energy crossing the boundary of the system

C. The heat and work are path functions

D. All of the above

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  1. Young's modulus is defined as the ratio of
  2. Which of the following is the correct statement of the second law of thermodynamics?
  3. Which of the following cycles has maximum efficiency?
  4. A definite area or a space where some thermodynamic process takes place is known as
  5. If the slenderness ratio for a column is 100, then it is said to be a _________ column.
  6. A column that fails due to direct stress, is called
  7. When a closely-coiled helical spring of mean diameter (D) is subjected to an axial load (W), the stiffness…
  8. The area under the temperature-entropy curve (T - s curve) of any thermodynamic process represents
  9. A pressure vessel is said to be a thick shell, when
  10. A beam is loaded as cantilever. If the load at the end is increased, the failure will occur
  11. The total elongation produced in a bar of uniform section hanging vertically downwards due to its own…
  12. The materials which exhibit the same elastic properties in all directions are called
  13. The efficiency of Diesel cycle with decrease in cut-off
  14. The unit of energy is S. I. units is
  15. An adiabatic process is one in which
  16. The ideal efficiency of a Brayton cycle without regeneration, with increase in pressure ratio will
  17. One kilowatt is equal to
  18. In an isothermal process,
  19. In case of an under-reinforced beam, the depth of actual neutral axis is __________ that of the critical…
  20. The bending stress in a beam is _________ section modulus.
  21. When two bodies are in thermal equilibrium with a third body, they are also in thermal equilibrium with…
  22. Which of the following is a reversible non-flow process?
  23. The work ratio of a gas turbine plant is given by
  24. If in the equation pvn = C, the value of n = ∝, then the process is called
  25. One Joule (J) is equal to
  26. The efficiency of Carnot cycle depends upon
  27. When a bar is subjected to a change of temperature and its deformation is prevented, the stress induced…
  28. Which of the following gas has a minimum molecular mass?
  29. Charles' law states that all perfect gases change in volume by __________ of its original volume at…
  30. When a thin cylindrical shell is subjected to an internal pressure, the volumetric strain is (where…