Which of the following statement is wrong?

A. A round bar in a round hole form a turning pair

B. A square bar in a square hole form a sliding pair

C. A vertical shaft in a foot step bearing forms a successful constraint

D. All of the above

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  1. The included angle for the V-belt is usually
  2. Instantaneous center of rotation of a link in a four bar mechanism lies on
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  4. For low and moderate speed engines, the cam follower should move with
  5. Which of the following has sliding motion?
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  9. The efficiency of a screw jack is maximum, when (where α = Helix angle, and φ = Angle of friction)
  10. The direction of Coriolis component of acceleration is the direction
  11. The contact ratio is given by
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  13. In elliptical trammels
  14. In a screw jack, the effort required to lift the load W is given by (where α = Helix angle, and…
  15. The relation l = (2/3).(j + 2) apply only to kinematic chains in which lower pairs are used. This may…
  16. Tangential acceleration direction is
  17. In under damped vibrating system, the amplitude of vibration
  18. A point on a connecting link (excluding end points) of a double slider crank mechanism traces a
  19. Klein's construction is useful to determine
  20. A Hartnell governor is a
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  25. The maximum fluctuation of energy is the
  26. The balancing of a rigid rotor can be achieved by appropriately placing balancing masses in
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  28. The Ackermann steering mechanism is preferred to the Davis type in automobiles because
  29. A rigid body possesses ________degrees of freedom
  30. Hammer blow