Which of the following statements are true?

A. UTF characters are all 24 bits.

B. Reader class has methods that can read integers and floats.

C. Unicode characters are all 16 bits.

D. all of the above

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  1. The modulus operator (%) can be used only with Integer operands.
  2. Which of the following represent legal flow control statements?
  3. Servlet has ___________
  4. If a=10 and b= 15, then the statement x =(a>b)?a:b; assigns the value 15 to x.
  5. Which of the following methods can be used to remove a component from the display?
  6. Which of the following command lines options generates documentation for all classes and methods?
  7. JSP files creates ________________
  8. If you want to assign a value of 99 to the variable year, then which of the following lines can be used…
  9. Give file is a file object, which of the following are legal statements to create a new file.
  10. Any method in a supper class can be over ridden in its subclass.
  11. Which of the following will produce a value of 10 if x = 9.7?
  12. Declaring a method synchronized guarantees that the deadlock cannot occur.
  13. What does the following line of code do?TextField text=new TextField(10);
  14. A catch can have comma-separated multiple arguments.
  15. Which of the following methods can be used to change the size of a size() *resize()
  16. Which of the following statements are true?
  17. Which of the following are the wrapper classes?
  18. A JSP file can be stored_________________
  19. The length of a string object 's1' can be obtained using the expression s1.length.
  20. An individual array element that is passed to a method and modified in that method will contain the…
  21. Consider the following class definitions: class maths { student student1; } class student { String name;…
  22. It is perfectly legal to refer to any instance variable inside of a static method.
  23. Which of the following classes are available in the java.lang package?
  24. We can add more than one class(es) at the time of compilation Java Beans.
  25. It is an error if a class with one or more abstract methods is not explicitly declared abstract.
  26. Which of the following methods belong to the String class?
  27. Which of the following string can be used as mode string for creating a RandomAccessFile object?
  28. Session bean
  29. All methods in an abstract class must be declared abstract.
  30. When the string objects are compared with ==, the result is true If the strings contain the same values.