What is the correct answer?


Which of the following statements (i - vi) are correct ?
(i) Growth cannot be taken as a defining property of living organism.
(ii) Dead organism does not grow.
(iii) Reproduction cannot be an all inclusive defining characteristic of living organisms.
(iv) No non-living object is capable of replicating itself.
(v) Metabolism in a test tube is non-living.
(vi) Metabolism is a defining feature of all living organisms.

A. (i) and (iii)

B. All except (v)

C. All except (iii)

D. All of these

Correct Answer :

B. All except (v)

An isolated metabolic reaction(s) outside the body of an organism, performed in a test tube is neither living nor nonliving. Metabolism is the sum total of all chemical reachions occuring in our body.

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