Which of the following theories of trade cycle was presented by William Jevons?

A. Sunspot Theory

B. Monetary Theory

C. Saving-Investment Theory

D. Innovation Theory

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  1. If the demand curve is horizontal then its slope is:
  2. A firm is a sum of persons who convert:
  3. A firm considering what type of new plant to build is involved in a:
  4. Excess capacity is not found under:
  5. The vertical demand curve for a commodity shows that its demand is:
  6. After reaching the saturation point consumption of additional units of the commodity cause:
  7. Using total revenue and total cost, a profit maximizing firm will be equilibrium at a point:
  8. Each firm in cournot model can:
  9. According to current thinking, the law of diminishing returns applies to:
  10. A firms profit is equal to:
  11. The cournot model is a model of:
  12. In monopolistic competition, the firms follow:
  13. Which of the following is called Gossens first law?
  14. If a ten percent increase in price causes a ten percent reduction in quantity demanded, elasticity of…
  15. In the short-run, the competitive firm can maximize its profits (or minimize its losses) by:
  16. The study of economic theory for the sake of certain objective is called:
  17. Who developed the concept of Representative Firm?
  18. If the production function is homogeneous, the expansion path will be a straight line through the origin…
  19. The game theory was basically presented by:
  20. Market demand curve is:
  21. If a good is an inferior good then an increase in incomes of the consumers will:
  22. Under monopoly and imperfect competition MC is:
  23. In cournot model, firms make decisions separately regarding:
  24. The name of the system of direct exchange is:
  25. In first degree price discrimination, monopolist takes away :
  26. In Edgeworth model, if price falls below competitive price, the demand is:
  27. On an indifference map higher indifference curves show:
  28. Some economists refer to iso-product curves as:
  29. Gold is bought and sold in a:
  30. To calculate the elasticity of demand, which of the following formula is used?: