Which of the following type of cell junction is not found in animal tissues ?

A. Adhering junction

B. Tight junction

C. Gap junction

D. Plasmodesmata

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  1. The blood of cockroach contains no respiratory pigment. It means that
  2. In which one of the following preparations, cell junctions come across most frequently ?
  3. Match the description given in column I with their examples given in column II and choose the correct…
  4. The secretions of endocrine glands are released directly
  5. When cardiac muscle cells are damaged by a heart attack, they are usually replaced by
  6. Which of the following statements regarding frog is not correct?
  7. Nervous tissue cells that play several supporting roles but do not transmit impulses are called
  8. What are the three basic components of connective tissues?
  9. Cockroaches are brown or black bodied animals that are included in class _______ of phylum _______.
  10. What external changes are visible after the last moult of a cockroach nymph?
  11. Phallic organs in cockroach are related to
  12. In cockroach head can move in all directions due to
  13. The supportive skeletal structures in the human external ears and in the nose tip are examples of
  14. Statement 1: Typhlosole increases the effective area of absorption in the intestine.Statement 2: Typhlosole,…
  15. If the head of cockroach is cut off, it will still alive for as long as one week. It is because of
  16. The major functions of loose connective tissue include
  17. Four healthy people in their twenties got involved in injuries resulting in damage and death of a few…
  18. Read the following statements.It is a contractile tissue present only in the heart.Cell junctions fuse…
  19. Cartilage tissues are likely to be slow in healing following an injury because
  20. Match column-I with column-II and choose the correct option.Column-IColumn-IIA. PeriplanetaI. Hepatic…
  21. The only type of cell seen in a tendon is
  22. Non-ciliated simple columnar epithelium often contains _______, which increase the surface area for…
  23. Which of the following statements is not correct regarding neural tissue ?
  24. Statement 1 : Cartilage (protein matrix) and bone (calcium matrix) are rigid connective tissue.Statement…
  25. Which of the following type of cell junction is not found in animal tissues ?
  26. Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct regarding cockroaches ?The body of the cockroach…
  27. Male cockroach can be identified from the female by the presence of
  28. In cockroach, the testes are present in
  29. Choose the correct sequence of alimentary canal of Cockroach
  30. The figure given below shows the alimentary canal of cockroach with few structures labelled as 1, 2,…