Which of the following wage incentive plan is applied to all workers?

A. Halsey plan

B. Gantt plan

C. Emerson's efficiency plan

D. Rowan plan

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  1. Which one of the following represents a group incentive plan?
  2. Routing
  3. Work study is most useful
  4. If a worker gets a daily wage of Rs HA, then according to Rowan plan, his maximum daily earnings can…
  5. Both Rowan plan and 50-50 Halsey plan will provide the same earning when the actual time is _________…
  6. The work study is done by means of
  7. An optimum project schedule implies
  8. PERT analysis is based on
  9. Templates are used for
  10. Which of the following are the guidelines for the construction of a network diagram?
  11. Linear programming can be applied successfully to
  12. Critical Path Net Work helps an engineer
  13. Critical path method
  14. The difference between the time available to do the job and the time required to do the job, is known…
  15. The factors to be considered for production scheduling are
  16. Micro motion study is
  17. CPM stands for
  18. Valve analysis is particularly of interest when
  19. Which of the following statement is correct?
  20. The interchangeability can be achieved by
  21. Which of the following conditions are necessary for applying linear programming?
  22. A big advantage of PERT over Gantt charts is that in the former case
  23. Pick up the correct statement from the following
  24. The process layout is best suited where
  25. For a small scale industry, the fixed cost per month is Rs. 5000. The variable cost per product is Rs.…
  26. In Lincoln plan (one type of group incentive plan), the amount of the profit which an employee receives…
  27. The wastage of material in the store is taken into account by the following method in the evaluation…
  28. Which one of the following techniques is used for determining allowances in time study?
  29. Which one of the following chart gives simultaneously information about the progress of work and machine…
  30. M.T.M. is used to