Which of these is an example for unguided transmission?

A. coaxial cable

B. optical fibers

C. wireless

D. twisted pairs

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  1. What is the maximum size of IP header in the UDP Datagram format?
  2. Which field in Domain Name System message format specifies the class of query?
  3. Which of the following is required to communicate between two computers?
  4. The generic domain name for air transport industry is ________.
  5. 17. Which of the following use default routes for inter-domain routing?
  6. --------------- is/are used for error detection.
  7. Which of the following provides a structure for conveying message through TCP/IP network to host?
  8. What is the maximum distance of single-mode fiber (SMF)?
  9. In Secure Electronic Transaction, the description of the purchase and cost is contained in ________…
  10. Which of the following defines a family of standards for 100 Mbps fiber optic LANs that provides the…
  11. What is the IEEE specification for Ethernet?
  12. What is the default subnet mask for a class A network?
  13. Which cable type is immune to outside interference and crosstalk?
  14. Internet Architecture Board (IAB) governs which of the following bodies?
  15. FDDI operates on 100 Mbps.
  16. Thinnet coaxial cable uses what type of connector?
  17. Which is the port used by POP3?
  18. Which Layer is Responsible for Congestion Control?
  19. The idea of sharing one network address among the multiple physical networks can be done using the following…
  20. FDDI operates on 100 Mbps.
  21. 80 is the well-known port number for the HTTP service.
  22. You are browsing www.microsoft.com on a machine named host.contoso.org.. What is the order of domain…
  23. The network interface layer specifies how to organize data into………………………..and…
  24. Which of the following is the port used by SMTP?
  25. What is the pattern of a preamble?
  26. Which is the port used by HTTPS?
  27. Which type of BGP message is sent by a system to notify another router of the senders existence?
  28. At which layer of the OSI model do FTP, SMTP, POP3, and HTTP function?
  29. Which of the following delivery methods works with only one source and one destination? Multicast
  30. How many 64-Kbps channels are used on an ISDN BRI?