What is the correct answer?


Which one of the following cellular parts is correctly matched with their characters ?

A. Centrioles Sites for active RNA synthesis.

B. Lysosomes Optimally active at a pH of about 8.5.

C. Thylakoids Flattened membranous sacs forming the grana of chloroplasts.

D. Ribosomes Those on chloroplasts are larger (80S) while those in the cytoplasm are smaller (70S).

Correct Answer :

C. Thylakoids Flattened membranous sacs forming the grana of chloroplasts.

Centrioles serve as basal bodies for cilia and flagella. They are concerned with spindle formation during cell division. Lysosomes are membrane-bound organelles containing many hydrolytic enzymes, which are optimally active at an acid pH (near pH 5). Thylakoids are membrane-bound organelles found within chloroplasts. The thylakoid membrane, forms many flattened, fluid-filled tubules that enclose a single convoluted compartment. These tubules tend to stack on top of each other to form a structure called a granum.

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