Which one of the following is NOT a computer language

A. MS-Excel



D. C++

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  1. Which of the following is not valid statement?
  2. Which of the following controls the process of interaction between the user and the operating system?
  3. ENIAC uses
  4. ________ are used for plotting graphs and design on papers
  5. A characteristic of card systems is:
  6. Bit map terminal
  7. First generation computers used _________ for memory
  8. CD-ROM stands for
  9. Which of the following devices have a limitation that we can only store information to it but cannot…
  10. Com in Latin is
  11. Where as a computer mouse moves over the table surface, the trackball is
  12. What is the main difference between a mainframe and a super computer?
  13. A set of flip flops integrated together is called
  14. Which of the following device was not invented by Babbage?
  15. Which of the following code used in present day computing was developed by IBM Corporation?
  16. ASCII and EBCDIC are the popular character coding systems.What does EBCDIC stand for?
  17. Which of the following memories allows simultaneous read and write operations?
  18. Personal computers used a number of chips mounted on a main circuit board. What is the common name for…
  19. The memory which is programmed at the time it is manufactured
  20. What was the first computer to perform all calculation using electronics rather than wheels, ratchets,…
  21. Storage capacity of magnetic disk depends on
  22. Excessive parallel processing is related to
  23. Analog computer works on the supply of
  24. The two kinds of main memory are:
  25. Access time is
  26. Which of the following can store information in the form of microscopic pits on metal disks.
  27. Personnel who design, program, operate and maintain computer equipment refers to
  28. Central Processing Unit is combination of
  29. The value of each bead in earth is
  30. Charles Babbage was awarded by Royal Society for his