What is the correct answer?


Which one of the following statement is incorrect ?
  1. Epidermal cell has small amount of cytoplasm and a large vacuole.
  2. Waxy cuticle layer is absent in roots.
  3. Root hairs are unicellular, while stem hairs / trichomes are multicellular.
  4. Trichomes may be branched or unbranched, soft or stiff and prevent transpiration.
  5. Guard cells are dumbell shaped in dicots and beanshaped in monocots (e.g. grass).

A. Only (i)

B. Only (iv)

C. Only (iii)

D. Only (v)

Correct Answer :

D. Only (v)

Guard cells are specialized cells in the epidermis of leaves, stems and other organs that are used to control gas exchange. The guard cells are produced in pairs with a gap between them that forms a stomal pore. Guard cells are dumbbell shaped in monocots (e.g grasses) and bean shaped in dicots.

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