Which part of the computer is directly involved in executing the instructions of the computer program?

A. The scanner

B. The main storage

C. The secondary storage

D. The processor

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  1. Each set of Napiers bones consisted of ______ rods.
  2. Registers which are partially visible to users and used to hold conditional codes (bits set by the CPU…
  3. Which of the following IC was used in third generation of computers?
  4. Digital devices are
  5. The programs which are as permanent as hardware and stored in ROM is known as
  6. A byte consists of
  7. The word processing task associated with changing the appearance of a document is
  8. Which printer is very commonly used for desktop publishing?
  9. Which method is used to connect a remote computer?
  10. The first web browser is
  11. Which of the following statements is true?
  12. Identify the correct statement
  13. A song being played on computer speaker is
  14. Basic is _____ language.
  15. A stand-alone system which produces one page of printed output at a time is
  16. An application suitable for sequential processing is
  17. Software in computer
  18. A storage area used to store data to a compensate for the difference in speed at which the different…
  19. The Second Generation Computer was based on .
  20. The two kinds of main memory are:
  21. The lower deck of an abacus is known as
  22. Which of the following is not input unit device?
  23. The difference between memory and storage is that memory is ______ and storage is
  24. In most of the IBM PCs, the CPU, the device drivers, memory, expansion slots and active components are…
  25. Computers manipulate data in many ways, and this manipulation is called________
  26. Which is a semi conductor memory?
  27. Which of the following is used as a primary storage device?
  28. Any type of storage that is used for holding information between steps in its processing is
  29. What do you call the programs that are used to find out possible faults and their causes?
  30. A modem is connected to