Which piece of equipment operates at both the data-link and network layers?

A. Hub

B. Bridge

C. Brouter

D. Router

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  1. ………………….is a technique of conversion between the representation…
  2. 25 is used by SMTP
  3. What is the distance limitation of Cat5 UTP?
  4. 17. Which of the following use default routes for inter-domain routing?
  5. Which of the following can be used to transfer files from a Unix server?
  6. You're asked to install a Citrix MetaFrame XP server. What protocol will clients use to connect and…
  7. Which of the following protocols is described in RFC 793?
  8. Which field in Domain Name System message format specifies the class of query?
  9. Select the class C IP address from the following:
  10. How many 64-Kbps channels are used on an ISDN BRI?
  11. Which of the following is a simplex protocol?
  12. What can be used in the place of DNS to resolve host names to IP addresses?
  13. 80 is the well-known port number for the HTTP service.
  14. Which of the following delivery methods works with only one source and one destination? Multicast
  15. ____________ developed to provide a loop-free method of exchanging routing information between autonomous…
  16. In the IP address, what does 129.2 specify?
  17. Which of the following pieces of equipment will receive a packet from one port and forward that packet…
  18. Which class does the IP address belong to?
  19. Which layer of the OSI model does a switch operate in?
  20. What is the IEEE specification for Ethernet?
  21. In Integrated services model, ________ corresponds to token bucket filter.
  22. FTP servers by default listen on port ________ for incoming connections from FTP clients.
  23. Which of the following protocols is not routable?
  24. TCP protocol is responsible for connection-oriented communication
  25. Your Web server is also configured as an FTP server. What part of the data packet will tell the server…
  26. Which of the following is required to communicate between two computers?
  27. Videoconferencing is an example for…………………… communication
  28. Data Transmission is not a layer in the OSI model
  29. What is the distance limitation of Cat5 UTP?
  30. In FTP, to execute a file transfer, the user begins by _________.