Which state government has signed an Expression of Intent (EOI) with IAAF, AFI to establish a High-Performance Academy?

A. Haryana

B. Odisha

C. Karnataka

D. Sikkim

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  1. What is the tagline of Union Bank of India?
  2. Gelati Monastery of which was removed from the List of World Heritage in Danger?
  3. Which country tops the second Global Cybersecurity Index?
  4. Which state has became the first state to make social boycott?
  5. Who is newly appointed head coach of the Indian cricket team?
  6. G-20 was founded in which year?
  7. Which city has been declared India' s first World Heritage City by UNESCO?
  8. With which state govt Ministry of Health signs MoU to set up a state-of-the-art Centre of Excellence…
  9. In 'MRP', M stands for?
  10. Who headed the GST Council?
  11. Hyden Cross, 21, has given birth to a girl by a spem donor. Hyden Cross belongs to which country?
  12. Growth of eight core sectors slowed to 3.6 % in which Month?
  13. Which planet's soil may be toxic to alien life?
  14. Which country sends troops to open first overseas military base in Djibouti?
  15. The United States House of Representatives has passed an amendment to NDAA, 2018, a $621.5 billion defence…
  16. Fairfax Financial Holdings firm belongs to which country?
  17. Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd (BHEL) has its headquarters at?
  18. Which state has become the first state in the country to provide women an injectable contraceptive for…
  19. Which colour Sari of Mother Teresa has been recognized as an Intellectual Property of the Missionaries…
  20. Who is the Chairman of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.?
  21. India' s fourth largest private sector bank, YES Bank has launched which program for MSMEs?
  22. Which country awarded that country's highest civilian award for Indian-origin Guruswamy Jayraman?
  23. As a chairman of Tata Global Beverages Ltd (TGBL) Natarajan Chandrasekaran will succeed whom?
  24. The student scientist connect program "Jigyasa" has officially launched in which city?
  25. Model United Nations (MUN) Regional Conference is being held at which city?
  26. UNESCO added Valongo Wharf Archaeological Site in the World Heritage List. Valongo Wharf Archaeological…
  27. Who won South Australian Open title 2017?
  28. Exercise Maitree 2017' is the joint military exercise between India and which country?
  29. The last edition of Asian Athletics Championship was held in which year?
  30. What is the name of the new tax payer service module launched by Union Finance Govt?