While casting her vote in any election, a woman exercises her

A. Civics right

B. Social right

C. Natural right

D. Political right

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  1. Consider the following statements 1. In the Lok Sabha, 12 members are nominated by the President of…
  2. Which are the two states (other than UP) having the highest representation in Lok Sabha ?
  3. Number of districts in West Bengal at present is
  4. In which year did the Supreme Court of India dismiss the petitions of the cement, fertilizer and sugar…
  5. Which one of the following statements is not correct ?
  6. In which general election did the Congress Party lose majority in the Parliament for the first time…
  7. The most profound influence on the drafting of the Indian Constitution was exercised by the
  8. The Planning Commission of India is
  9. Who among the following can participate in the proceedings of both the Houses of Parliament ?
  10. Which of the following has been borrowed from Ireland by the framers of the Indian constitution
  11. Which of the following states/union territories has a Legislative Assembly consisting of only 30 members…
  12. Consider the following statements 1. For a person to be eligible for election as the Vice-President…
  13. The 84th Amendment Act has frozen the total number of existing seats in the Lok Sabha on the basis of…
  14. The right to vote in elections to a Parliament is a
  15. In the general elections to the 13th Lok Sabha, the Congress Party secured
  16. The ultimate authority according to the preamble of the Indian constitution vests in
  17. The total number of members of legislative council can in no case be less than
  18. Under which article of the Constitution of India can the Indian Parliament make laws under the residuary…
  19. The design of the National flag adopted by the Constituent Assembly of India in
  20. Individual liberty is best reflected in a
  21. Who among the following Indians was the President of the International Court of Justice at Hague
  22. Which of the following was not the work of the League of Nations
  23. The Indian Parliament cannot legislate on the subject of state list unless 1. The President of India…
  24. When the Constituent Assembly for the Dominion of India reassembled on 31st October,1947,it's reduced…
  25. Who can be the member of the Rajya Sabha but can speak both in Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha ?
  26. The Indian constitution establishes India as a
  27. Where is the headquarters of the UNO ?
  28. What was the number of the princely states in India at the time of partition ?
  29. The number of Anglo-Indians who can be nominated by the President to the Lok Sabha is
  30. Indian constitution contains