Identify the underlined phrase or clause.

While preparing for the speech , Joe couldn't help but worry about his entrance.

A. prepositional phrase

B. participial phrase

C. gerund phrase

D. infinitive phrase

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  1. Meera looks at her husband _________ she hasnt seen him before.
  2. Murat decided to give up smoking _________he had had a heart attack two times.
  3. He is so weak that he cannot run.
  4. Get ready now.
  5. I do not know whocame here last night.
  6. ____________ my father woke up, he realised that he had forgotten to turn off the lights.
  7. You must wear your helmet while riding a motorbike, __________ you may hurt seriously in case of an…
  8. Is it possible that Joshua will compete against that man ?
  9. Ahmad wants to visit Quebec , but he will need to wait for his next vacation.
  10. The term track and field refers to athletic events ____ include foot races and jumping and throwing…
  11. Steven's book, which made Oprah's Book Club this month, is not in any stores.
  12. Keith tried supporting both teams , but his heart was with Oregon.
  13. Bill stopping the project was a big disappointment.
  14. Canada might give up its marketing boards if the European Community gives up its grain subsidies.
  15. Katrina, who resented being left at home, drew on the walls with her crayons .
  16. Joey is hoping for a change to play pool with his uncle.
  17. Our boss supports donating time to charity .
  18. Since my brother came, he has been teaching.
  19. That is the place where American's and Japanese's armies fought.
  20. The moment _____ I learned the result of the art competition was one of the worst times in my life.
  21. I do not know if he will come.
  22. They left early.
  23. We like the music that you brought.
  24. Where did you leave the keys?
  25. Some people buy expensive cars simply because they can.
  26. __________ you are in top form, your coach always shows you respect.
  27. I asked him whenhe would go there.
  28. After the banquet , the cooks will take a well-deserved break.
  29. The soldiers in the camp will be punished ___________ they didnt obey the rules.
  30. I cannot say whose book is this?