Who among the following can participate in the proceedings of both the Houses of Parliament ?

A. Vice-President

B. Solicitor-General

C. Chief Justice

D. Attorney-General

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  1. No. of municipal towns in West Bengal, at present
  2. The President of India can nominate to the Rajya Sabha
  3. The constitution of india was adopted by the
  4. The Union Cabinet is responsible to
  5. What is the minimum age laid down for a candidate to seek election to the Lok Sabha ?
  6. Assertion (A) : In the Indian system, the executive cannot impose any tax without legislative sanction.…
  7. President of the Constituent Assembly with whose signature the Indian constitution was adopted was
  8. What does the Constitution (Ninety Second Amendment) Act, 2003 deal with ?
  9. The Government of West Bengal introduced democratic elections to the local bodies in
  10. Which of the following is true for the Indian judicial system ?
  11. The Planning Commission of India is
  12. The idea of Directive principles of state policy has been borrowed from the Constitution of
  13. The Cabinet Mission to India was headed by
  14. Consider the following statements in respect of financial emergency under Article 360 of the Constitution…
  15. The Constituent Assembly which framed the constitution for Independent India was set up in
  16. Who among the following was the chairman of the Drafting Committee of the Indian Constitution
  17. The Panchayati Raj Institution at the block level is known as
  18. The 84th Amendment Act has frozen the total number of existing seats in the Lok Sabha on the basis of…
  19. Which of the following states does not bear Panchayati Raj System ?
  20. The defeat of Government in Rajya Sabha leads to
  21. Which of the following statements about the Vice-President of India are not correct ? 1. In order to…
  22. Aristotle, the father or Political Science, believed that the State continues to exist for the sake…
  23. Where is the permanent head quarter of International Court of Justice
  24. Who was the first Deputy Prime Minister of India ?
  25. Of the following, which country is not the permanent member of the Security Council
  26. Which of the following Motions can the Council of Ministers in India move ?
  27. Who among the following is constitutionally empowered to declare a geographic area as a scheduled area…
  28. Consider the following statements : 1. The judges (inquiry) bill 2006 contemplates to establish a judicial…
  29. The total number of members of legislative council can in no case be less than
  30. The Indian constitution establishes India as a