Who are the founders of Fundamentum venture?

A. Nandan Nilekani, Sanjeev Aggarwal

B. Mukhesh Ambani, Anil Ambani

C. Azim Premji, Anil Ambani

D. Ratan Tata, Nadan Nilekani

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  1. Which state govt is planning "stray dog zoos" to keep them off the streets in the state?
  2. Which country contributes $500,000 (Rs. 3 Crores) to UN Peacebuilding Fund?
  3. What does 'I' stands for in 'TERI'?
  4. Which city has been declared India' s first World Heritage City by UNESCO?
  5. What is the tagline of Union Bank of India?
  6. Which country tops OECD list which presents an index of countries that trust their governmants the most?
  7. What is the name given to the large supercluster of galaxies discovered by Indian scientists?
  8. Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd (BHEL) has its headquarters at?
  9. Which country's flower was named after Prime Minister Narendra Modi to mark the first visit of an Indian…
  10. P V Sindhu who was bestowed with the 'Sportsperson of the Year' award during the 'Maruti Suzuki Sportsperson…
  11. Who is newly appointed head coach of the Indian cricket team?
  12. Who are the two Indian-Americans to be honoured with Great Immigrants award 2017?
  13. Which is the last state to pass the GST bill in the country?
  14. What is the name of the new tax payer service module launched by Union Finance Govt?
  15. Traditional buffalo race 'Kambala' belongs to which state?
  16. World Para Athletic Championships 2017 is being held in which place?
  17. Which state has became the first state to make social boycott?
  18. India stands which place in civil aviation market in the world?
  19. G-20 was founded in which year?
  20. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the chief of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) belongs to which country?
  21. Who is the present governor of Madhya Pradesh?
  22. In 'MRP', M stands for?
  23. Siemens opened its first digital factory in India in which city?
  24. Exercise Maitree 2017' is the joint military exercise between India and which country?
  25. Government lowers interest rate by what percent on small saving schemes?
  26. Which state government has signed an Expression of Intent (EOI) with IAAF, AFI to establish a High-Performance…
  27. The student scientist connect program "Jigyasa" has officially launched in which city?
  28. In which year Fino Paytech was founded?
  29. To eliminate which infectious disease Union Health Minister launches National Strategic Plan?
  30. What is the fullform of FSB?