Who built the first Mechanical Calculator?

A. Joseph Marie Jacquard

B. John Mauchly

C. Blaise Pascal

D. Howard Aiken

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  1. How many symbols exist in Baudot code?
  2. ________ is the key we use to run the selected command.
  3. IBM System/360 is
  4. When we look at the cost, which of the following computer is most expensive?
  5. An approach that permits the computer to work on several programs instead of one is
  6. The main electronic component used in first generation computers was
  7. Which of the following is not purely output device?
  8. A technique used by codes to convert an analog signal into a digital bit stream is known as
  9. Which of the following printers are you sure will not to use if your objective is to print on multi…
  10. CPU speed of a personal computer is
  11. Which of the following is correct full form of BCD?
  12. ________ computers operate essentially by counting
  13. The computer size was very large in
  14. Model 5100 was_____ in 1957.
  15. _________ translates and executes program at run time line by line
  16. A hard copy would be prepared on a
  17. Which of the following is not computer language?
  18. 1 nibble equals to
  19. What is the name of the display feature that highlights are of the screen which requires operator attention?
  20. The term GIGO is related to
  21. A name applied by Intel corp. to high speed MOS technology is called
  22. What is the name of the new color laptop computer which is powered by a 386 processor at 33 MHz and…
  23. BCD is
  24. Which part of the computer is used for calculating and comparing?
  25. Floppy disks are available in
  26. A set of flip flops integrated together is called ____
  27. Which of the following is not input unit device?
  28. Who designed the first electronics computer ? ENIAC/
  29. A computer system that is old and perhaps not satisfactory is referred to as a(n)
  30. Can you tell what passes into and out from the computer via its ports?